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I just wanted to THANK YOU for the wonderful experience I had last night. Obviously, you picked up on my anxiety and I really wasn't sure what to expect when I arrived at your home. I can tell you that while I know that most of the group is much more "in tune" than I am, I know that this is a journey and that I have found a wonderful, caring and supporting group to share this journey with. Just as a side note, I have been doing a lot of reading and studying on angels and have been meditating, praying and asking for guidance. Last night I went to bed and after thanking God and my angels and guides for their help and guidance.... I asked for a sign as to where my guardian angel was when she was watching over me at night. This morning I found a single penny on the floor at the foot of my bed. Later, I went to pick up my daughter at school and my car had been parked in the garage most of the day with the windows rolled up. When I got in the car, on the windshield, was a ladybug. NEVER has that happened to me before. I came home later and Googled the meaning of ladybugs and angels. The author of the blog post I was reading mentioned not only ladybugs, but that she was constantly seeing repetitive numbers when she looked at a clock. I looked at the clock on my computer and it was 3:33. The author of the post also mentioned a book by Doreen Virtue on the meaning of the numbers. A little later, I went to Amazon to find the book. I read the description, put it in my shopping cart to download to my Kindle, looked at the computer clock... 4:44. I'm stunned. I know that you know that this is "normal". But I am not only floored but actually very comforted. I am SO looking forward to connecting with you and the group in the coming weeks and BTW, PLEASE keep me informed of your upcoming classes and workshops. --Debbie W

WOW. I just wanted to let you know that this morning's session helped me incredibly. I feel so light again. The joy behind my smile is back...I get "it." Thank you for the work that you do. I am so grateful. : )   --Love, Charnell

It was such a pleasure joining with you and the others today. There is such a powerful energy healing that I felt when I first walked in! It was almost palapable. Anyway, here is my e-mail address and I look forward to joining with all of you again.   --Peace, Susan

Mary Jo! Thank you for your positive energy, light, wisdom, and heart this morning! I am thrilled to have the opportunity to join this group on Tuesday's and KNOW that I will learn, grow, and develop on the inside as a result of your facilitation! Im determined to find the answers "within" regarding my recent feelings of fatigue and sadness. Your work is admired!   --BLESSINGS, Kelly

"Thanks so much. My hand feels so much better after tonight. Can't wait till next Monday. Blessings, Melanie"

I’m so proud of what you have accomplished in your Angel career and how much confidence you have in yourself, which translates to helping people. I remember how you used to doubt yourself and struggle with launching that career…. Look at you now! Thank you for being my dear friend. I love you very much. -Marie

Hi Mary Jo, Just wanted to send you a note to say Thank You again for last nights gathering. I tend to be a very left brain oriented person and have been working on and praying for more right brain awareness. Yesterday, the energy was so great. It really provided the space I needed for some expansion. Felt very safe and comfortable to let my mind's eye open more. Thank You so much for holding these groups. Blessings and love, Madhavi

Hi Mary Jo. Hope all is well with you. Thank you so much for the awesome reading yesterday! It was great talking with you, and the session was very helpful. --Katherine (phone reading across country)


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"Great person. Great Teacher. Great Readings, and Great Classes. The healing techniques that I had learned through the angels classes are powerful healing tools which I always utilize for my medical practice. Thank you, Mary Jo and Thank you, Angels!" -- Ryan C.

I attended 2 classes of Mary Jo and I enjoyed both of them so much. We talked about angels and how they can help us in our daily life. We did healings on each other and I felt really good afterwards. We also did readings for each other. At the beginning I was a bit afraid I would get nothing but Mary Jo walked us through each step and at the end I had so much to tell. I will be back as soon as I can for another class! -- Melanie Alvarez Mueller

Hello MJ Great class this evening !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have just ordered a new table !!!!! Once it arrives please come over and let me work on you !!!!! -Steven, Healing Touch Practitioner

Mary Jo has a special gift in helping others to identify the gifts they possess. We all have them. We just need to find them. After attending one of her workshops a whole new world of experiences opened up to me. I am enjoying life with my new-found new sense of awareness. (-C)

Dear Mary Jo, I have just come home from my first angel class. It was all that I hoped it to be and more. I know now that I was supposed to be there with all of you this evening. Thank you so much for opening up your home to all of us and for all the healing that went on there tonight. Blessing to you. And thank you again for all the good that you are doing! Fondly, Madhavi

Dear Mary Jo, Thank you again for the wonderful Angels Talk session. I greatly enjoyed the partner reading session! As usual, I feel quite blessed to have been introduced to you, the leader, of this magnificent, " divinely inspired' group. After receiving the message from a "Hal", the little boy in knickers who misses me.....I felt guided to call the "big boy", named Hal, who lives in Philly. We have not talked for at least a year now, since Nov.1, probably, on his BD.. when I called him last. I felt I would feel better just to know that he is okay. He was quite happy to hear from me and offered me support and blessings this Thursday, and in general, in regards to my artistic endeavors. Thought I'd let you know...! I am intrigued that a little boy named Hal came through....And, I'm feeling somehow the angels wanted me to connect again with this grown-up Hal in this lifetime.,,,:_) for whatever reason. Definitely, he is from a prior lifetime, as well. ..a connection, somehow..I've learned not to question the angels! Love and Light, Julie

MJ- I wanted to thank you for opening my eyes up to a new world of which I somehow knew I was a part of but never managed to truly connect with. In taking part in your Angel classes, courses & workshops...I have learned to tap into that deeper energy connection that we all share. I've come to understand how a Lightworker can help others.-- Jamie

Thanks so much for organizing these classes, I feel amazing no more knot on my throat :-) slept like a baby yeaee I'll see you in 2 weeks! -- Bright Blessings, Alejandra

Since leaving your house I have been lightheaded and light on my feet. I also feel a definite "shift" in my sense of "presence" - but I am not sure how to describe that change in any more detail at this time. I would like to schedule another session with you sometime next week so as soon as you have some information on your availability perhaps we could nail down a day and time. Thank you for the experience today -- Jerry

I just adore you...Thanx for having me....I haven't felt this happy with myself in ages... -- victoria





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