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(Both by Phone and In-person)

$88 for hour, $111 for full hour
If longer readings are desired, they will be charged in 15 minute increments @ $15.

Over time, the Angels have morphed Mary Jos sessions into something new. You now receive BOTH an Angel Reading AND a mini-Healing/Chakra Clearing in the same session!

What an amazing & transformative experience!



Premium Timeslot Pricing: $99 for ½ hour, $133 for full hour
Premium timeslots are available upon request. Please click the blue "Schedule Appointment" button below and choose the PREMIUM TIMESLOT READING option from the list to schedule your appointment.



angels (MP3) Audio Meditations

Buy Angel Meditations
Meditations for Deep Healing, Relaxation & Guidance (Audio Downloads).

The following mediations were recorded live and made available for purchase so that you can further experience the amazing energy of our class meditations.

Archangel Ariel Meditation $5.55
Connect with Archangel Ariel to promote more prosperity in your life now.

Archangel Uriel & The Scroll Room Meditation $5.55
Let Archangel URIEL guide you into the scroll room where you can find your personal scroll written in the language of Light. Understand your Dharma as your life path is revealed.

Archangel Zadkiel & The Violet Flame Meditation $5.55
Connect with Archangel Zadkiel and experience the Violet Flame and empower yourself through this guided meditation for inner peace.

Elevator Ride Meditation $2.22
Find how to get into a receptive state faster so that you can use divine guidance using this method throughout your day. The more you use it, the faster you can shift your perception.

White & Red Ribbon Daily Clearing and Protection Meditation -FREE When You Subscribe To Our Newsletter
Connect with the Archangels to clear and protect yourself each day. This meditation is less than 10 minutes long and designed specifically to clear & unify the  chakras while shielding you with protection for the day.

In The Universal River Meditation $3.33
This is the meditation that you can easily do every day.  Stay connected to Source easily with this 6 minute daily meditation connecting you to the Universal River of Divine Energy.

Archangel Jophiel Meditation $5.55
Although ArchAngel Jophiel is known to clear out clutter & is the patron of artists, he does even more for everyone. This compassionate Archangel helps you to beautify your life. In this meditation, he even gives you a gift to use every single day. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, LOVE to LOVE.

Archangel Michael Meditation $5.55
Call in Michael, the head of all of the Archangels. With his flaming sword, allow Archangel Michael to cut the cords of fear. He then fills every level of you with divine light & protection

Manifesting A Goal Meditation $5.55
In this powerful meditation, Archangel Michael & Archangel Uriel combine their energies to release anything holding you back so that may aide you in creating a specific goal in your life

Truth Heals Meditation $5.55
Archangels MICHAEL & GABRIEL take you on a journey through your sacred space.
In this meditation you can look at & release the parts of your past that hold you back.
Feel the lightness that ensues from this deep healing

**Like these meditations? Join us every Monday night for our Angel Class!


(In-person Or Remote Healings)

Healings are $122/hr
MaryJo offers both In-Person and Remote Healing Sessions.

If travel to a specific location is necessary, travel time charge is extra.

** Note: All In-Person Readings / Healings Held At Our Carrollwood, Tampa Location **


Mary Jo also works with 2 other healers, Rev. Jack Moon, her mentor, who has been a professional healer for nearly 40 years and Steven Rom. Although fairly new to using his gifts, Steven is a truly remarkable healer in his own right. The combined effect of M.J.s work with either one is more than 1+1=2. Its closer to 1+1=5! If you would like a combined healing, these are available In-person only and start at $177 /hour.


Many times during an in-person reading, Mary Jo is guided by the angels to finish the session with a quick body scan to send healing to a particular area of the body. There is no additional charge for this service over the regular price of the reading.

Also, occasionally during a healing session, Mary Jo is guided to give a mini-reading to the person receiving the healing. Again there is no up-charge for this service as she is simply following directions the angels are giving to her.


House blessing / cleansing

Looking for a house/ apartment warming gift or possibly a wedding gift? Have you or someone you know recently been through a relationship shift or divorce? Interested in giving that home/apartment a fresh, clean energetic slate?

Mary Jo offers House Blessing & Cleansing Services which will give your personal sanctuary an energetic facelift.

We understand that each situation is unique so we have developed packages starting at $150 (pricing depends on travel distance and individual requests).

Please contact us to discuss your package.


wedding services

Have you (or has someone you know) just become engaged? ...Maybe looking for someone to perform the ceremony?

For further information regarding pricing and her availability for your event, please proceed to the Wedding Services page.


Schedule Appointment

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If you live in the Tampa, Florida area, please accept my personal invitation to join our group EVERY Monday night for our gathering of light-minded people. I lead the group with a chakra clearing & a guided visualization with the Angels. After sharing our experiences, we progress to doing either healings or readings for each other. Even those who have absolutely no experience in anything like this, can have amazing results even on their first try. This gives everyone in attendance an opportunity to actually experience their own innate abilities in a supportive and safe atmosphere. As with learning anything - from the 3 Rs to understanding the language of Divine Guidance - the more often you can practice it, the better you get.

This is an incredible opportunity to heighten your own abilities at an introductory fee of only $15!

To join us at 6:45pm on Mondays please click here to receive more information about this incredible group

Are you a memeber on Join our Meetup, please click here

** Can't make our Monday Night Angel Class?

Click here for more information on our Monday Night Angels Tele-Class call-in option!


Angel Therapy in Tampa

angel reading gift certificate

Gift certificates available below!

Psychic Reading Gift Certificates

1 Hour Reading Session ($111)


30 Minute Reading Session ($88)


1 Hour Healing Session ($122)

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