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With the intervention of the Angels & Ascended Masters, you may be helped both emotionally & physically.

For example:

Archangel Raphael can help remove any blocks or debris to balance chakras to help you feel clearer & more focused & peaceful.

Archangel Michael helps with cutting ethereal chords of unhealthy ties of energy between you & other people or places.

Archangel Ariel works with Archangel Raphael to heal pets.
These angels & the rest work in combination to help heal both body & mind.  Angel healings may be used in conjunction with standard medical practices.  Mary Jo also works in tandem with two other gifted healers, Rev. Jack Moon & Steven Rom (both here in the Tampa Bay area) for enhanced relief & manifestation of better health.

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Sometimes an entire group of angels will surround Mary Jo as she facilitates the healing through them.

The angels guide M. J. to exactly what she is to do. Remember, they see the bigger picture. So, even though someone might seek help with a sore neck, it may be that she is guided to help with another part of the body or even the emotional attachment to the “pain in the neck” in their life that is manifesting as a physical pain in the neck. Every healing is unique unto itself but is always an uplifting experience.

Angel Therapy in Tampa

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